Stop Playing the Comparison Game, Silence Your 
Inner "Mean Girl" & Raise the Roof on Your Self-Belief Ceiling

Highly Esteemed™

A Self-Esteem Enhancement Course

Learn How to Improve Your Self-Esteem and FINALLY Feel Good About 
Yourself Leveraging The #SELFIE Method™ (...this is a game-changer!)

"I now have focus and I am pursuing my passions. I now love every part of me."
Rockford, IL

"Beauty begins the moment you believe in yourself." Coco Chanel

This Course Is Perfect for You If...

​You've struggled from SHYNESS, a POOR SELF-IMAGE or NEGATIVE SELF-TALK, constantly beating yourself up...

You're tired of playing the COMPARISON GAME and you are ready to just be yourself...

You're ready to silence your INNER "MEAN-GIRL" and have self-compassion...

You want to "raise the roof" on your SELF-BELIEF CEILING and learn to really trust yourself...

You are done devaluing yourself and you are ready to own your VALUE and WORTH without looking for validation, permission or approval from everyone else.

You are so over letting the fear of failure, fear of judgment and the opinions of others stop you dead in your tracks and you are finally ready to MOVE FORWARD...

"She remembered who she was and the game changed." Lalah Delilah

How Will This Course Change Your Life?

While confidence is the belief in yourself to go after your impossible, SELF-ESTEEM is knowing your value and worth. To esteem yourself more highly is not allows you to take the focus off of yourself and leads to a more selfless life of serving others without being taken advantage of.

If you watch these videos, do the strategic, self-reflective journaling in these lessons, and trust the process, you will have "AHA Moments" that lead to massive shifts and breakthroughs in a short amount of time. You will feel yourself coming into alignment with who God created you to be. You will notice yourself thinking differently. You will begin to esteem yourself more highly and value your gifts and talents while deeply appreciating who God created you to be. 

Your SELF-ESTEEM is about to awaken and you are about to RISE UP to a whole new level.

Here's What's Included In

Highly Esteemed™

A Self-Esteem Enhancement Course

  • Instant Access to 7 Powerful, Life-Altering Modules with Video Trainings to Help You Stop Playing the “Comparison-Game”, Silence Your Inner “Mean-Girl” & Raise the Roof on Your "Self-Belief Ceiling" 
  • A Self-Esteem Evaluator Tool to Measure Your Current Self-Worth So That You Can Track Your Personal Growth
  • Strategic Self-Esteem Enhancing Worksheets
  • ​Thought-Provoking Mental and Emotional Exercises to Increase Your Sense of Value & Worth
  • "​The Self-Esteem Journal" to Track Your "Aha Moments" 
You'll Also Get These Super Cool Bonuses:
  • BONUS 1: The Self-Esteem Evaluator to Track Your Personal Growth
  • BONUS 2: How to Receive a Compliment Graciously 
  • BONUS 3: Complimentary Coaching Call with Coach Angela After You've Completed the Course 
What's Inside:
  • The Starting Point: The Inner Workings of Self-Esteem & How to Use The #SELFIE Method™
  • Module 1: #S - Silence Your Inner Mean Girl & Become Your Own Best Advocate
  • Module 2: #E - Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Module 3: #L - Listen to Yourself Think
  • Module 4: #F - Free Yourself From Your Fears, Failures & Imperfections
  • Module 5: #I - Initiate Self-Acceptance (Approval, Permission & Validation)
  • Module 6: #E - Edit Your Story
You've Got This, Girl!
"Angela not only helped me find clarity, but she helped me find my confidence."
- Nancy G
Houston, TX

I can totally relate...

If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja...
I remember not so long ago...

I had built my identity around what I DID versus who am at my core...and then, seemingly overnight, what I DID went away! When the faulty foundations that I had built my identity on began to crack and crumble, I went through an IDENTITY CRISIS of EPIC proportions!  It stripped me of my confidence and left me wandering aimlessly through life. 

When the dust settled, I didn't even know what I liked or disliked because I had been so used to liking what everyone else liked. I was always trying to make everyone else happy, yet I had completely lost me joy. I had low self-esteem and a lack of self-belief.

It was at that moment when I realized that I was finally ready to stop de-valuing my personality, gifts and talents and stop waiting for others to value who I was. I realized that my staying small wasn't serving anyone. I was ready to own my value and worth and believe in myself, even if no one else believed in me. That's when the game changed for me.

That's why I created "Highly Esteemed - A Self-Esteem Enhancement Course" so that you can do the same thing!

 It's time to stop merely SURVIVNG and start living HIGHLY-ESTEEMED!
How Does Highly Esteemed - A Self-Esteem Enhancement Course Work?
Highly Esteemed - A Self-Esteemed Enhancement Course is a 6-Module, DIY/Learn-As-You-Live, on-line course that consists of videos and course-work that walks you through the process of owning your value and worth so that you enhance your self-esteem and feel better about yourself. (All lessons are inside of a membership portal that you will have lifetime access to.)

This program works for ANYONE who commits to the process of watching the videos and doing the course-work.
How Do the Modules Work and What If I'm Not Tech Savvy
The modules are easily accessible and housed inside of an on-line membership portal that you will have lifetime access to. Even if you are not technigolical savvy, Coach Angela and her team of experts will make sure you get set up and ready to go. You're not in this alone. Videos and course-work are work-at-your-own-pace. 

This process is so DOABLE and will leave you feeling a great sense of accomlishment.
How Long Does It Take to Go Through the Program?
Highly Esteemed - A Self-Esteem Enhancement Course takes as long as you need it to take. You can easily accomplish 2-3 modules a week, but as a work-at-your-own-pace program, you can work it into your schedule.
How Long Will it Take Before I Start to See Results?
While results are not guarenteed, many of the women who have committed themselves to do the work have noticed feeling better about themselves after the first module. The course begins with an assessment. This assessment can be taken again at anytime during the course so that you can actually measure your results. 
What are Angela's professional qualifications?
Angela is an Ordained Minister with a 40-year  ministry background, a Certified Life Coach and the best-selling author of Summoned to Soar - Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman

Angela suffered for years from low-self-esteem and felt the devestating effects of handing her power over to everyone and everything else, hiding in the shadows of her best life. 

That's why she is a super-supporter of women who feel the call to rise up and soar to new heights; coaching over 1,000 hours, mentoring women to be leaders in their own lives, organizations and communities.  

Angela is a mother of four and self-proclaimed "Glammaw" of five precious grand-babies. You can check her out here:   
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